Get Started Guide

How to use the reader app.


Articles + lets you bookmark and save news, blog or other stories for reading later. The app doesn't simply save links to those pages you want to return to, it also downloads their content and converts it to a minimal format.

The reader's design is carefully crafted for such enhanced articles. Read anything you saved later with just the essential text and images, without any headers, ads or clutter to get in the way.

The reader controls consist of:

  1. Navigate back
  2. Search inside article
  3. Change reading preferences
  4. View article information
  5. Goto next / previous article
  6. Favor, tag or share article

You can navigate the same way as in any browser. Scroll down/up to read, tap on links or images and long press to select text.

Tap the top or center to show/hide reader navigation and toolbar controls. Or enable the settings option to automatically dismiss them when reading.


The reader uses custom styles for better readability. Choose presets for preferences like font size, line height or margins or adjust them to your individual needs.

To open the preferences, tap the corresponding Aa button on top right.

Layout Article layout options (cover, abstract, author, site).
Theme Reader theme fonts or any preinstalled system font.
Mode Reader mode (day, sepia, grey, dusk, night, black) and options for system dark mode appearance.
Size Font size presets (small, medium, large, xl) or custom size to adjust to your individual needs.
Line Line height options (small, medium, large) or user defined spacing to fine-tune your reading experience.
Alignment Text alignment (left, justify), paragraph spacing (margin, indent) and auto hyphenation option.
Content Choose between horizontal pages or vertical scrolling. Options for two column layout and limit content to maximum width on larger screen sizes.
Margins Adjust page margins for left/right insets (small, medium, large, custom) and vertical spacing (none, bars, custom) to align content to navigation bars.
Direction Select standard left-to-right reading direction or set to inversed right-to-left for e.g. Arabic or Hebrew and vertical right-to-left for Chinese or Japanese scripts.

The app has no unnecessary preferences. Depending on your device and chosen styles,the fluid layout dynamically adjusts all corresponding properties and margins, giving you an optimal reading experience.

Reader themes adjust according to light/dark mode. The day/sepia/grey themes will be dark when your device is in dark mode. You can set a dark theme or disable automatic system dark mode for the reader from the preferences.

It is also possible to always use a custom app light/dark mode. Open the sidebar from the library and select the corresponding light, dark or system app theme from the bottom toolbar (moon icon).


While reading an article, you can add notes or highlight favorite sections. In addition, selected text can be copied, defined, translated or shared.

To create an annotation:

  1. Select some text
  2. Choose Note or Highlight
  3. Enter your note
  4. Press Done to save

Tap or click an existing annotation to either edit, delete or change its color and style. All annotations also appear in the article's information view and can be directly selected.

On your Mac, handling selected text works differently than when using touch gestures. You will need to first select some text using the cursor and then either click the Note (⇧ ⌘ N) or Highlight (⇧ ⌘ H) Toolbar or Touch Bar button or use the corresponding keyboard shortcuts.

As an alternative, Articles + also integrates with Apple Quick Note to add links to articles or annotations. Refer to the Notes FAQ for more details.


All your articles are stored securely in Apple's iCloud. Every time you add a bookmark, annotation or tag, it's synced to your other devices.

The library controls consist of:

  1. Open the sidebar
  2. Switch to edit mode
  3. Add a bookmark to your list
  4. Search articles by title, website or abstract
  5. Article abstract, information and annotations
  6. Context actions (view website, share or export as text/markdown/json)
  7. Filter current articles by tags
  8. Additional library options
    • Sort order (date, unread, title, longest, shortest)
    • Layout options (grid, list)

When you bookmark a website, the corresponding page is saved to your device. But before an article appears in your library, it must be processed to extract its plain content. This happens automatically when the app is already running in the background, otherwise only at the next launch.

Batch Editing

You can organize your library with custom tags or favor, archive and delete articles.

Tap the top right edit icon (pencil) in your library to switch to batch edit mode. Select one or more articles and choose an action from the toolbar at the bottom.

Tag Create and assign custom tags.
Favor Mark article as a favorite.
Archive Move article to the archive.
Delete Delete article (this action can not be undone).

Alternatively, you can edit an individual article by using its context menu. Long press on iOS or right click on Mac to show the corresponding menu.


Organize your library by assigning custom tags to articles. Articles can be filtered by individual or combined tags.

Select one or multiple articles when in batch edit mode and choose tag to open the editor or directly tag an individual article from the context menu.

To assign or create a tag:

  1. Select an already existing tag from the list
  2. Or enter a new tag and tap create tag: name
  3. Remove assigned tags by clicking on delete (x)

Existing tags can be renamed or deleted either from the manage toolbar entry at the bottom or in the sidebar.


Devices are notified of changes by silent push notifications. This requires background app refresh to be enabled in Settings > General > Background App Refresh. As a fallback or if you do not want to enable automatic refreshing, a periodic sync fetches changes in regular intervals.

In most cases, synchronisation happens automatically and within minutes. But since notifications are not guaranteed to be always delivered, you might not see updates until the next periodic sync. If changes are not transferred, you can force a manual synchronisation with pull down to refresh.

Please note that all data is stored in your personal iCloud account. Storage limits apply and depend on your corresponding plan.

Sidebar Editor

Custom tags allow to organise all your articles in your library.

Open the left sidebar and tap on edit to switch to editing mode. You can create or delete tags and change their name.

  1. Create a new tag
  2. Change a tag name
  3. Delete an existing tag

Afterwards, tap on a tag to view the corresponding articles. To tag an article, long press on an article and select the context menu action or assign tags in batch editing mode.


Articles + allows you to change certain app-wide settings in addition to the reading preferences. Open the sidebar to access the Settings screen.

Mode Use system dark mode.
Screen Keep display on while reading.
Status Show the system status bar.
Controls Auto hide reader controls when reading.
Orientation Lock screen orientation (iPhone only).
Location Geotag your annotations.
Cloud Enable or disable iCloud library.
Notifications Schedule local reminders for unread articles.
Badge Show unread article count on the app's icon.
Siri Grant data access to your articles.
Analytics Opt out/in from anonymous usage data collection.
Crashlytics Disable or enable sending crash report diagnostics.

In addition, settings lets you export all your articles in csv and json format, refresh extensions, purge the app’s cache or reset your reading preferences.