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Bookmark and save stories for reading later.

Save news, blog or other articles directly from Safari, Twitter or any other app. Read anything you saved later in an optimized format with custom styles for better readability and distraction-free reading.

Save articles with just a click from Safari, Twitter or any other app by using the bookmark extension. Articles doesn't simply save links to those pages you want to return to. It also downloads their content and converts it to a minimal format.

Read anything you saved later with just the essential text and images, without any headers, ads or clutter to get in the way. All content is stored on your device, so it even works offline.


The reader's design is carefully crafted for articles and offers custom styles for better readability and distraction-free reading.

Choose your favorite theme (Lato, Lora, Alegreya, Vollkorn, Open Sans, Merriweather, Iowan, Palatino), reading mode (day or night) and paging (scroll or page). The fluid layout dynamically adjusts all text properties and margins depending on your device and preferred style size (small, medium, large, extra large), giving you an optimal reading experience.

While reading, simply select text to take notes or highlight favorite sections. Search inside articles to quickly find anything you are looking for. Favor, tag or archive articles, share them via email or on social networks.

Articles App Overview


Articles App iCloud

All your articles and annotations are stored securely in Apple's iCloud, there is no external account required.

Keep all your articles safe and at hand on whatever device. Every time you add a bookmark, annotation or tag, it's synced to all your other devices. Always have the latest version, when you start reading on your iPad and continue on your iPhone on the go.


Articles App Premium

The basic edition is free to use and includes all features. You can bookmark 30 articles each month at no cost. Upgrade to premium for more or unlimited articles.

  • Articles Plus: 60 articles per month
  • Articles Pro: Unlimited articles per month

Articles is an independent app, your purchase supports the further development.

Start reading with Articles.

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