Peripherals FAQ

Frequently asked questions about peripherals.

External Devices

Articles + supports external devices like keyboard, mouse or trackpads to navigate and perform common actions.

When you connect a mouse or trackpad to your iPad, a circular pointer appears on the display. Move the mouse or swipe on the trackpad just as you would with a desktop or notebook computer.

Refer to Apple's documentation to learn how to connect or use a Bluetooth wireless device with your iPad.

Connect a mouse or trackpad:

Use a Bluetooth mouse or trackpad:


Connecting a Bluetooth accessory to your iPad requires iPadOS 13.4.

Please note that not all devices are supported by Apple and certain features may not be available. For example, iPadOS doesn't support scrolling or other gestures with Apple Magic Mouse (1st generation) or Magic Trackpad (1st generation).

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts help you make efficient use of Article + reader features. You can e.g. go to the next page by using the arrow keys or create notes or copy selected text.

With a keyboard connected to your iPad, hold down the command key (⌘) for about two seconds and a window will pop up listing the available shortcuts on that screen.

Space SPACE Continue.
Arrow Right Go to next page.
Arrow Left Go to previous page.
Shift + Command + Arrow Right ⇧ ⌘ ⭢ Open next article.
Shift + Command + Arrow Left ⇧ ⌘ ⭠ Open previous article.
Arrow Up Scroll up on a page.
Arrow Down Scroll down on a page.
Shift + Command + N ⇧ ⌘ N Create a note.
Shift + Command + H ⇧ ⌘ H Create a highlight.
Command + C ⌘ C Copy selected text.
Command + D ⌘ D Define selected words.
Command + F ⌘ F Find a term by search.
Command + I ⌘ I Import an article.
Command + R ⌘ R Refresh your library.

Context Actions

Shortcuts for common tasks like notes, highlights or copy are available as context actions as well.

When a mouse or trackpad is connected, handling selected text works differently than when using touch gestures. Like on a Mac, you will need to first select some text using the cursor and then right click (control click) on the selection to show the available context menu.

How to right-click: