Cloud FAQ

Frequently asked questions about iCloud and synchronization.

Apple iCloud

Articles + keeps your bookmarks, annotations and tags stored securely in Apple’s iCloud. Every time you change something on one device, it’s synced to all your other devices. Always have the latest version, when you start reading on your iPad or Mac and continue on your iPhone on the go.

All data is stored in a private database in your personal iCloud account. Storage limits apply and depend on your corresponding plan. Please note that you need to be signed in on your device with the same Apple ID on all platforms.

iCloud Synchronisation

When iCloud synchronisation is enabled, changes to articles, annotations and tags are automatically synced to all connected devices.

Devices are notified of changes by silent push notifications. This requires Background App Refresh to be enabled for Articles + in Settings > General > Background App Refresh. As a fallback or if you do not want to enable automatic refreshing, a periodic sync fetches changes in regular intervals.

In most cases, synchronisation happens automatically and within minutes. But since notifications are not guaranteed to be always delivered or can be turned off, you might not see updates until the next periodic sync. In case changes are not transferred automatically, you can also use «pull-to-refresh» for a manual synchronisation.

iCloud Issues

Apple's iCloud service is used to store and sync your library. It's a secure and (in most cases) reliable service, but problems can occur. It is unfortunately not possible for developers to find out why something does not work for certain users.

Make sure iCloud is setup and working:

  • Verify you are signed in:
    Settings > Apple ID
  • Verify iCloud and iCloud Drive is enabled:
    Settings > Apple ID > iCloud Drive
    Settings > Apple ID > iCloud Drive > Articles
  • Verify network connection is available (no flight mode, vpn etc.):
    Settings > Network

If iCloud can't be enabled or your library is not synced:

  • Try again later
    → Maybe iCloud is temporarily unavailable
  • Relaunch the app
    → This should refresh iCloud synchronization
  • Restart your device
    → This should relaunch iCloud system services
  • Uninstall/reinstall the app
    → This should reinitialise iCloud zones and records
  • Logout/login from your Apple iCloud account (at your own risk):
    → This should reconnect your device and iCloud account

If iCloud storage or sync still does not work it's most likely a problem with your device or account. iCloud is a service provided by Apple, please refer to their documentation or contact Apple support for any iCloud related issues.

Apple iCloud Support:

iCloud Errors

Articles + uses Apple’s iCloud to store and sync your library. Apple’s iCloud is a secure and (in most cases) reliable service, but problems can occur during synchronisation.

For general problems with iCloud, please refer to Apple’s official support:

Below you find a list of the most common iCloud issues. Most problems are recoverable (e.g. no network), but some of them are fatal and require to re-enable synchronisation.

Recoverable Problems
Authentication Sign in on your device to your iCloud account with correct user/password. Verify that iCloud Drive is enabled.
Network Check your internet connection and try again.
Service Apple’s iCloud is currently not available, retry later.
Operation Another operation is already in progress, retry later.
Fatal Problems
Cloud Error Setup of iCloud is somehow not correct. Follow the given description.
Storage Quota There is no more space left in your personal iCloud account. You will need to get more storage space or delete unused data.
Deleted Zone iCloud records and data have been manually deleted by a user from the settings.

In case of a fatal error, it is generally best to disable iCloud synchronisation for that particular device and enable it again after you fixed the problem. Since your data is stored in your local library and on Apple’s iCloud, the affected device should sync up again without any lost information.